ETCC Q&A: Andreas Pfister

ETCC Q&A: Andreas Pfister

19/05/2017 12:00

Andreas Pfister is flying the flag for Germany in this year’s FIA European Touring Car Cup. And as an established – and accomplished – ETCC racer, the SEAT driver is hoping for an upturn in fortune when the series resumes at the Nürburgring Nordschleife next week following a tough start to his campaign.

What’s the appeal of the ETCC?
“It’s the amazing race tracks we go to, Monza, Vila Real, the Nürburgring Nordschleife, very special places. And you have Most and Zolder, one of the most amazing race tracks you can go to.”

Have you set a target for this season?
“It’s a big challenge every year to be here so the first success is to be on the grid. We managed that for many years and I’m very proud of it. We can be in the top five for sure and if we have a little luck we can be more on the top.”

You don’t just race but do lots of other jobs as well?
“For sure racing is my life and we work hard with my team to do the ETCC and try to improve. We organise the Chevrolet Eurocup with five races over Europe for beginners but also gentlemen drivers. It’s rather cheap, fun and nice to organise. We have some tough races. The aim is to develop drivers from Chevrolet Europcup to ETCC to open them new opportunities.”

What about future opportunities for you – is the WTCC a target?
“The first step has to be with two cars on the grid so we work on it this season to develop it. If we can achieve this, then we look at worldwide racing.”

And a world on the ETCC’s live TV coverage – how important is this for you?
“It’s very important. Even in Germany we have to do a lot of work to promote the series but people look more and more at it and it’s also fun for us.”

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