11 Mar 2012

Spain’s Fernando Monje, driving a SEAT León TDi, won the first race of the 2012 ETCC season, while there were class victories for Stian Paulsen (SEAT), Aleksandar Tošić (Honda Civic) and Kevin Krammes (Ford Fiesta).

Monje led into the first chicane and then never really looked troubled, with Petr Fulín first being given a drive-through penalty for a false start and then the BMW driver was black-flagged for ignoring the penalty. While Monje’s race was a lonely one, it was anything but dull for the two SEAT drivers battling for the single-make category - and second place - with Stian Paulsen and Andreas Pfister fighting throughout the race. At the finish, it was Paulsen who took maximum points by under three-tenths of a second.
In the Super Production category, with the BMW 320si of Fabio Fabiani denied the chance to start due to a non-conforming fuel tank, it was the Honda of Nikolay Karamyshev who was the only competition for Tošić. At the finish, a little over 18 seconds split the pair with Tošić taking the win.
Kevin Krammes started his ETCC campaign with maximum points in the S1600 category, with his Ford Fiesta ST finishing just ahead of Ulrike Krafft and Gilles Bruckner.
Two additional formation laps were added, due to the Race Director being unhappy with the track positions of some of the cars.

Key moments
Start - Monje is first into the chicane at Turn 1
Lap 3 - Aytaç Biter into the gravel at the Parabolica
Lap 3 - Pfister passed Paulsen for third
Lap 4 - Urs Sonderegger off at Lesmo and rejoined
Lap 5 - Petr Fulín given a drive-through penalty
Lap 5 - Igor Skuz and Christian Fischer made contact at Variante
Lap 5 - Skuz given a drive-through penalty for hitting Fischer
Lap 7 - Steffen Grossman stopped at the first chicane
Lap 8 - Fulín black-flagged
Lap 9 - Pfister went straight on at T1 and slowed
Lap 9 - Biter passed Sonderegger for eighth
Lap 9 - Paulsen passed Pfister for second
Lap 11 - Biter and Fischer made contact, allowing Sonderegger to take eighth

Super 2000 TC2T
1.Nikolay KaramyshevRU103 pt.
2.Mat'o HomolaSK93 pt.
3.Igor SkuzUA79 pt.
4.Aytaç BiterTR50 pt.
5.Mikhail GrachevRU23 pt.
Super 2000 TC2
1.Petr FulínCZ128 pt.
2.Michal MatĕjovskýCZ84 pt.
3.Peter RikliCH50 pt.
4.Samuel SládečkaSK39 pt.
5.Christian FischerCH38 pt.
Super 1600
1.Gilles BrucknerLU106 pt.
2.Ulrike KrafftDE90 pt.
3.Christian KranenbergDE84 pt.
4.Erwin LukasDE54 pt.
5.Kseniya NiksUA45 pt.
1.Ulrike KrafftDE90 pt.
2.Kseniya NiksUA45 pt.
3.Andrina GuggerCH22 pt.
1.Dmitry BraginRU87 pt.
2.Andreas PfisterDE75 pt.
3.Aku PellinenFI60 pt.
4.Ronny JostCH59 pt.
5.Sergey RyabovRU58 pt.


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