27 Mar 2010

For the first time the sun greeted the competitors in Braga this morning, after the rain spoiled yesterday’s tests. The 30-minute free practice session was enlivened by a number of changes on top of the time list and ended with Marin Čolak setting the fastest lap of 1:24.679 with only one minute left on the clock and demoting James Thompson to second.

The session started with Timur Sadredinov clocking the first significant times, but after the first ten minutes Kristian Poulsen and Tomas Engström began a personal battle for the fastest lap. Poulsen improved to 1:26.247 and Engström answered with a 1:25.944. But the Dane stroke back with two successive laps of 1:25.787 and 1:25.774.
With ten minutes to go Čolak had his first spell to the top with a lap of 1:25.557, but again Poulsen improved to 1:25.414. By that time, however, James Thompson had joined the company and posted two consecutive fastest laps at 1:25.038 and 1:24.839.
That seemed to settle the matter for good, but then Čolak’s SEAT crossed the line in the dying seconds and jumped to the top.
Poulsen and César Campaniço also improved further to 1:24.908 and 1:25.143, moving up to third and fourth respectively and making clear that it will be a tough fight between SEAT, Honda and BMW cars.
Jens Löhnig emerged as the fastest driver in the S1600 class, clocking a 1:31.739 in the late stages and beating Carsten Seifert’s 1:32.386.
The track was completely dry, however a few drivers had moments at the braking point at the end of the long pit straight: Sadredinov, Florian Heitmeier, Campaniço and Irina Protasova all went wide and rejoined.

Super 2000 TC2T
1.Nikolay KaramyshevRU77 pt.
2.Mat'o HomolaSK57 pt.
3.Igor SkuzUA47 pt.
4.Aytaç BiterTR36 pt.
5.Mikhail GrachevRU23 pt.
Super 2000 TC2
1.Petr FulínCZ82 pt.
2.Michal MatĕjovskýCZ48 pt.
3.Peter RikliCH38 pt.
4.Samuel SládečkaSK27 pt.
5.Christian FischerCH26 pt.
Super 1600
1.Gilles BrucknerLU62 pt.
2.Ulrike KrafftDE60 pt.
3.Christian KranenbergDE50 pt.
4.Patrick WolfDE36 pt.
5.Erwin LukasDE34 pt.
1.Ulrike KrafftDE60 pt.
2.Kseniya NiksUA29 pt.
3.Andrina GuggerCH22 pt.
1.Aku PellinenFI60 pt.
2.Andreas PfisterDE55 pt.
3.Dmitry BraginRU51 pt.
4.Sergey RyabovRU50 pt.
5.Ronny JostCH39 pt.


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