11 Mar 2012

Fernando Monje (1st S2000): “I really enjoyed both races, although obviously in the second race I was starting from P8 and so it took a little time until I could pass the others. It was very important for me that I had a good weekend here in Monza because in Valencia I will switch to the WTCC and so my confidence is high ahead of those races.”

Stian Paulsen (1st Single-make Trophy): “I’m very happy now because they were two very good races for me. We’ll take things race by race because a lot of things can happen; I don’t think I could have done another lap because I had a problem with something at the front of the car, although it’s going to be much more easy for us to drive home now - my father and I are driving all the way back to Norway!”

Nikolay Karamyshev: (1st Super Production): “I’m very happy to be leading Super Production after Monza, but it’s really a pity that out of three drivers entered only two of us were able to compete here. I’d have liked Fabiani to have been able to race, but there are a few drivers in Russia with Super Production cars and so I’ll try and see if we can get a few of them to enter the next round.”

Kevin Krammes (1st S1600): “I’m happy with my performance this weekend and to have won the two races. Thanks to the team for giving me such a good car and I’m really looking forward to the next races now.”
Super 2000 TC2T
1.Nikolay KaramyshevRU77 pt.
2.Mat'o HomolaSK57 pt.
3.Igor SkuzUA47 pt.
4.Aytaç BiterTR36 pt.
5.Mikhail GrachevRU23 pt.
Super 2000 TC2
1.Petr FulínCZ82 pt.
2.Michal MatĕjovskýCZ48 pt.
3.Peter RikliCH38 pt.
4.Samuel SládečkaSK27 pt.
5.Christian FischerCH26 pt.
Super 1600
1.Gilles BrucknerLU62 pt.
2.Ulrike KrafftDE60 pt.
3.Christian KranenbergDE50 pt.
4.Patrick WolfDE36 pt.
5.Erwin LukasDE34 pt.
1.Ulrike KrafftDE60 pt.
2.Kseniya NiksUA29 pt.
3.Andrina GuggerCH22 pt.
1.Aku PellinenFI60 pt.
2.Andreas PfisterDE55 pt.
3.Dmitry BraginRU51 pt.
4.Sergey RyabovRU50 pt.
5.Ronny JostCH39 pt.


  • Yokohama
  • Advan